objetivos Objectives

AICTS features a series of two-fold objectives: International and Interdisciplinary. It also creates an interrelation among all AICTS objectives.

   Promotion of study, analysis and research in Social Work and Social Sciences

  Create links and relationships between the diverse disciplines of Social Sciences and Social Work; among different agents, both public and private, governmental and non-governmental; among college and academic fields, and the rest of society; among schools and traditions of Social Work and Social Sciences worldwide.

   Intervene in potential areas, applying research outcomes and developed experiences and evidence the viability and appropriateness of proposals derived fromSocial Work and Social Sciences.

   Disseminatestudies, research and interventions outcomes, not only through publications and events of scientific nature, but also via Information Technology and knowledge, and social media, in order to reach the worldwide society.

   Society receptivity and awareness on issues that impact groups under social exclusion or in risk, and prevent future situations that may increase inequalities in society.

   And be a two-way channel of communication between society, its agencies and institutions, and scientific fieldsof Social Work and Social Sciences, since we cannot or must not remain isolated from one another.