In complex societies under constant and accelerated changesand increasing interconnections, particularly in scientific analysis, data and literacy generation allowthe understanding and intervention whereas required. Indeed, anticipating to changes implies an unknown complexity, and requires a quantitative and qualitative larger number of tools.

The Social Work and Social Science disciplines emerged to explain and act in a societythat is increasingly aware of their needs and rights. The commitment and responsibility of these disciplines are in our DNA, and throughout their development they have met an effort to analyze and explain reality, prevent situations and scenarios, and participate in the latter.

As part of these premises, AICTS commits to society and future generations,responsibly. Starting from college settings, AICTS is an agencyopen to public and private institutions. Our work will not be understood without the relationships built through partnerships within a formal and informal institutional infrastructure that shape reality and consequently, theirrepresentatives have been working with AICTS since its beginning. Far from isolation, AICTS works on the through research and intervention.

Moreover, the international nature of AICTS is imperative in a globalized world, therefore it is necessary to learn and understand not only additional experiences, but our work is partially based in the exchange with some traditions ofSocial Work and Social Sciences in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia. For this purpose, we must take advantage of the Information Technology and Communication potential; windowsopened to a world that has bridged the boundaries of time and space.

AICTS represents a huge step, an international and interdisciplinary project that combines analysis, dissemination, awareness and intervention. AICTS involves the creation of a community of knowledge integrated by Social Work, Sociology, Political Science, Law, Psychology, Education, Economy and Media professionals.

Today’s crisisscenariosare added to those already institutionalized. AICTS is particularly aware of the situation but taking into consideration the previous systems of inequality and social exclusion that have increased in the systemic crisis context. These are times whenSocial Work and Social Sciences should have more presence in society.