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For research, models of social intervention and good professional practices, we need to share knowledge at an international level. With this in mind… EHQUIDAD was born.

To care for the needs of a globalized society where technology, communications, and information have an important role, it cannot be missed the commitment to provide digital tools and facilitate the transfer of knowledge. Therefore, one of AICTS main projects is the creation of AICTS EHQUIDAD,International Journal of Welfare and Social Work Policies.

The symbolism of the word EHQUIDAD (equity) shares our social and scientific purposes, incorporating a silent letter for originality and also tobalancestudy and qualities and objectives implicit in a journal that shares the values advocated by the Welfare State and Social Work. We want to move in this "equity", focusing on equal opportunities that facilitates knowledge.

is a scientific and international journal that meets the main criteria on quality editing required by the scientific community (committees, boards, magazines, evaluations…). Likewise, it will include the publication of articles related to the research or innovation in Social Work and Social Sciences, with two missions: on one hand, an approach to the study,reflection, knowledge, and social intervention that may enhance our collective imagination and on the other, obtain and applythe research outcomes on society.

EHQUIDAD operates under the following premises:

-   An internationalnature journal

-   Multilanguages articles included

-   Electronic publication

-   Biannual